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Energy in Data Event
20–23 February 2022
Austin, Texas

An immersive three-in-one event for experiencing the impact of Big and Unstructured Data on the energy industry including CCUS, gas energy storage, geothermal, wind, solar, and oil and gas. Themes and topics will be focused on the integration of geoscience, data science and engineering, and endorsed by the three principal professional societies in the field (AAPG, SEG and SPE).

Watch this space for event updates and registration information.

Why Energy in Data?

In our relentless drive toward increasing efficiency and profitability, with ESG in mind, the energy industry is collecting more data, with greater complexity, and using automation and data analytics in new ways to boost productivity, better understand subsurface and manage risk. Energy in Data helps stakeholders assess machine learning and AI, work more efficiently and implement cloud strategy more effectively. We bring together multi-discipline diverse community to share cutting-edge experience, explore collaboration and learn how to adapt,adopt, and pivot to the digital journey. Thriving in energy transition with cleaner product at lower cost.

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“What an amazing experience last week at #EnergyinData conference. Increased collaboration for digital transformation in oil and gas is finally gaining the momentum it needs!”


- Abhishek Prakash, Software Operations Manager, Schlumberger

“How is the digital revolution affecting the oil and gas industry, and what can you do to stay ahead of the curve?”


- Daniel Hunt, Upstream Digital Advisor, Digital Innovation and Acceleration Office, Chevron

“I participated in the 2019 Energy in Data conference in Austin. It was a great opportunity to network with innovators and entrepreneurs driving digital transformation in oil and gas industry! And also stay abreast of the new types of workflows.”


- Akinola (Akin) Idowu, Consultant, Geoscience Technology Advisor

“Great panel at #energyindata conference discussing impact of digitalization in O&G.”


- Chetan Desai, Vice President, Digital Technology, Schlumberger


Get down to the business of all things data and engage with this diverse group of innovative digital transformation visionaries during timely, interactive and challenging discussions.

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Industry 4.0 revolution has changed the traditional business landscape. Automation, connectivity, and intelligence are driving the digital transformation of various industries. The convergence of information technology and operations has led to the emergence of cyber physical systems, which have permeated every aspect of our lives.
Digital technologies combined with data-driven insights are transforming operations, improving productivity, boosting effectiveness, and improving decision-making along the entire E&P value chain.
Let the E&P experts share their experiences during the conceptualization, development and deployment of digital products and data-driven solutions that have created real-world impact in the upstream oil and gas industry.

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Engage and connect with the Energy in Data community from anywhere in the world by participating in our monthly webinars.

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